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Wine-year 2017

In Spring of 2017, warm weather pushed the wines to early shoots, fostering fantasies for a good wine-year. Then, frost destroyed the entire harvest over two nights (April 19 until 21) with temperatures averaging minus 3° C at two meters and minus 6° C at 5cm above soil. Frost in these two nights affected fruits, berries and wines on 2'200 hectars, and caused an estimated damage of 70 million Swiss Francs. Northwestern Switzerland suffered most, but Western and Eastern Switzerland also suffered heavy losses.

Nonetheless while our young vines might have suffered total damage of approximately 10%, the majority of our vines recovered considerably well during a warm summer. Now in 2018, we hope there is no need to replant many vines as we will then have a robust harvest in the current year. Just as an example, a normal harvest would average approximately 23'000 kg of grapes each year but in this harvest, 2017, we brought in just 800 kg.

Currently, we can still offer you the full range of red wines however, we decided to buy Riesling-Sylvaner and Pinot Gris grapes, as well as some pinot noir grapes, from the Cantons of Aargau and Jura. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you Cuvée Blanc made from Riesling-Sylvaner and Pinot Gris, and a Rosé from the Pinot Noir. Please note: as these grapes are not from Tschäpperli, the law requires that we refer to these particular wines as "Superior Table Wine from Northwestern Switzerland".

On a Rather Positive Note:
At the mondial-des-pinots our Hommage 2014, Pinot Noir Selection 2015 and our Pinot Gris straw wine all won gold medals and the Pinot Gris straw wine was named the best Pinot Gris of the whole competition. Our Pinot Noir 2015 was also awarded a silver medal.

We look forward to welcoming you at our wine tasting on Tuesday, May 1st or at our Vine Sunday/Reben Sonntag on Sunday, June 24th.