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Wine-year 2016

Global affaires remain volatile. Quarrels and violent conflicts are Trump cards in national and international politics.  ­­­­Given all this,  we all the more enjoy the ongoing development of sustainable viniculture in the Tschäpperli.

The fascinating interplay between tradition and innovation remains a key element in our creations.

This year we are presenting the following new and interesting wines

NUR is a Pinot Noir, made of grapes grown on 40 - 50 year old vines at a prime location in Tschäpperli. Aged for 16 months in oak barrels from the Tschäpperli estate and bottled in October 2016.

Uf dr Muur (On the Wall) is a Cuvée from Syrah, Diolinor and Pinot Noir grapes grown at particularly warm locations near and on dry stonewalls in our vineyard. This wine’s intense dark-berry fruit aroma, complexity and strength are impressive.

Cabernet Blanc  is a crisp white wine,  grown from fungus-resilient grapes (piwi) originally planted, cultivated and vinified as part of a pilot project in 2012.

Our Strohwein (straw wine) results from the mid-November 2016 harvest of Pinot Gris that was partially dried on straw under the barn roof. The grapes were pressed on December 7, 2016;  the grape must (with 150 degrees Oechsle) was then left to mature in Tschäpperli oak barrels, resulting in an aromatic golden-coloured dessert wine.