Pinot Trio 75cl


Vintage: 2020
Content: 75cl
Grape Variety: Pinot noir 

On the occasion of the Eidgenössischen Schwing- und Älplerfest Pratteln 2022, three of the leading wine producers from the Basel region have joined forces in 2020 to produce a Pinot Noir representing our region. Carefully selected grapes from Aesch, Muttenz and Pratteln were vinified at the Tschäpperli winery, the Jauslin winery and the Siebe Dupf winery. Fermented separately and matured for 14 months in barrique barells the wines were then blended and bottled in Liestal to create this special wine. The result is an elegant and profound Pinot Noir, which shows the facets of the individual vineyards and the handwriting of the three winemakers.