Ulrich Bänninger-Zurflüh is Co-director and Operations Manager. A master winemaker, he is responsible for tending the vines, daily management of the team, and quality control to the highest standards for our wines.

Dieter von Blarer is in charge of finances and human ressources.

Dominik Bänninger has three professional educations: viniculture, agriculture and agriculture machinery technology. He is in charge of maintenance and repair of all of our farming machinery and oversees our highland cattle.

Barbara Bänninger-Zurflüh shares her talents between sales and organization of our harvesting teams. Barbara is also the cook for our crew.

Steffi Wirth von Blarer is in charge of Public Relations, Public Events and Accounting.

Franziska Keller Raemy und Michael Huber are part of our Support Team.

Baselbieter Lehrbetrieb

We train future winemakers. The professional school (Berufsschule )is located in Wädenswil at the Lake Zürich. The training seeks a wholistic approach in the sectors of vine growing, vinification and marketing.

Together we maintain personal contact to our clients and our networks and we decide on strategic direction for the Tschäpperli.