Dear friends of Tschäpperli wine

The year 2020 featured the warmest winter since measurements began in 1864. There was not a single
day in which the temperature was below 0°C the entire day. Despite early budding of the vines and cold
nights in May, there was no damage due to frost. The drought in winter, which lasted until September,
as well as some cold days in June, resulted in coulure during flowering and a significant reduction in yield
(about 20 to 25%). Nevertheless, we are looking forward to long-lasting wines that are rich in finesse, powerful
yet elegant.

Key data for the 2020 harvest

Pinot Noir: 450 g/qm at 100° Oechsle
Riesling-Sylvaner: 980 g/qm at 77° Oechsle
Pinot Gris: 500 g/qm at 96° Oechsle
Cabernet blanc/Sauvignac: 600 g/qm at 93° Oechsle
Riesling: 800 g/qm at 85° Oechsle

Tschäpperli goes organic
Until the 1970s, winegrowers, including those in Tschäpperli, tried to keep their vineyards “clean”.
Vintners who did not allow any grass to grow between the vines were seen as efficient. After heavy
rains, however, the vintner had to bring back into the furrows the humus that had been washed away.
Beginning in the 1970s, grass was allowed to grow among the vineyards. Starting in 1988, Tschäpperli
participated as a pilot farm in the development of integrated production (IP) in viticulture.
In 1995, we completely dispensed with glyphosate and other herbicides. In addition, we began promoting
biodiversity in the management of the vines. Since 1996 we have been using confusion techniques
(pheromone carriers distributed in the vineyard) and organic insecticides to control pests.
Since 2000 we have been fertilizing organically or with natural (mineral) plant nutrients.
Since 2009 twenty-five acres have been classified as a high biodiversity vineyard (the only vineyard
in the canton with this classification). We have not used any conventional pesticides since 2018-19.
As of this year, we are converting entirely to organic viticulture and will carry the Umstellknospe
(conversion) label as of the 2021 vintage and the organic label (Knospe) as of the 2023 vintage.
We look forward to welcoming you this year at a tasting or an event with us.

Tschäpperli, April 2021