Grape varieties:
Blauburgunder, Riesling-Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Garanoir, Diolinoir und Syrah, Merlot. Fungus-resistent (PIWI) Cabernet Blanc/Sauvignac und Muscaris, Cabertin, Donau Riesling.

Surface of wines:
13.5 Acres

Surface of Forest/Wood:
39.5 Acres

Pasture and Ecological parcels:
8.5 Acres (grazing for Scottish highland cattle)

Capacity in Cellar:
160,000 liters in steel tanks, 30,000 liters in oak barrels and barriques, approximately 120,000 liters vinification for 3rd parties.

Filled in Bottles:
30,000- 35,000 bottles for our own production, up to 150,000 bottles from third parties vinification depending on yearly yield.