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Ulrich  Baenninger-Zurflüh, Managing Director, is a seasoned master winegrower. Ulrich is in charge of the cultivation of the grapes, wine production and our wine cellar. Ueli is also the lead manager for all staff and apprentices.

Barbara Baenninger-Zurflüh manages the Tschäpperliweine shop. Barbara organizes the helping hands for the harvests and cares for the creature comforts of our staff.

Steffi Wirth von Blarer is our Public Relations Manager and organizes the wine tastings and larger Tschäpperliweine events during throughout the year.

Dieter von Blarer is our Director. He is in charge of finances and human resources.

As a team, we work together to maintain personal contact with our clients. We also share strategic decisionmaking about the future development of the Tschäpperli estate.

Franziska Keller Raemy, Michael Huber and Dominik Baenninger are permanent staff for vines and cellar. Christoph von Blarer is in charge of accounting.  Adrian Thommen  begins as an apprentice in August 2015.